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Thu, Sep 19, 2019
ભાદરવો વદ 5

નક્ષત્ર : ભરણી ૦૮/૪૫

ચંદ્ર રાશી : મેષ ૧૫/૧૧

વિગત :

પાંચમનું શ્રાદ્ધ

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I (Sahajanand Swami, Lord Swaminarayan) meditate, in my heart, upon Lord Shree Krishna, on whose left stands Radhikaji, in whose heart resides Laxmiji and who plays (with His Bhaktas) in Vrindavan. || 1 ||

I Sahajanand Swami, write this Shikshapatri, Gospel of Life Divine, from Vadtal, to all my disciples who reside in different parts of the world ||2||

Shree Dharmadev’s sons, Rampratapji and Icharamji, who are brothers, Rampratapji’s son Ayodhyaprasad and Icharamji’s son, Raghuvir; (whom I have adopted as my sons and established as the Acharyas of my disciples) ||3||

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